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Many things have been happening throughout the Universe. Fifteen years ago, a Half-Saiyan kid landed on Earth, carrying a Saiyan infant. Planets have been overturned and are being ruled by vicious tyrants, such as Saber, a Saiyan who took control of Kitasia. Planets have been explored and found throughout the Universe, and others have fallen into destruction and wiped from the face of the galaxy. A new type of technology has been created to help preserve planets from certain destruction from other threats, such as powerful power levels. There have been reports that new transformations have taken place, although they are not known, yet. And yet, through the mist of it all, a new Evil has arisen. Warriors past are no more, and those who were left are no where to be found. And all of the Universe is awaiting one simple thing.


Will you face the Light and help bring down this giant Evil that is coming? Or will you be swallowed by darkness and destroy all beings? Whichever path you choose, choose it well, Young Fighter!

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