The Porn Star Wars
The Porn Star Wars is a game filled with violence, nudity, and adult material. You can buy sex slaves, pimp out sluts, kill your enemies, and meet new people, in the porn star world, anything goes.
Walk My Plank!
Avast Ye! All hands on deck! Weigh anchor and haul to stern! Man the crow&#39s nest! The chase is making full sail!\r<br>\r<br>Are you savvy enough to sign up and join the quest to swash-buckle and pillage your way through the ranks of the greatest scallywags and buccaneers, or are you just a lowly land lubber?\r<br>\r<br>To succeed in this free browser based multiplayer game you need all your pirate wits, but beware: dead men tell no tales.
Tycoon Online
Let&#39s get down to business!
Rocking Rackets - Tennis
Rocking Rackets is a tennis manager game excelling with realism and easy, fun gameplay. \r<br>\r<br>An excellent place to learn more about the rules of the professional tennis circuit (including the 2009 ATP makeover) or just to compete with your friends.
Darkness Realm
Only the few can survive in a body bag... Can you? A true corpse of the Night can come back and rise to the top!
Arcane Circle
Enter a world of might and mysticism! Battle dragons and foes as a warrior sorcerer, or reign supreme as a mighty wizard amongst a respected coven that you build! Will you choose a path of light or a dark path, destroying all that would stand in your path.
BattleMaster is a team-oriented browsergame merging strategy and roleplaying. It is set in a low-fantasy middle-ages world and players take the role of nobles and lords.\r<br>\r<br>BattleMaster is a light-weight game that can be played alongside your other activities. Although you can delve deeply into it and spend more time on it, about 15 minutes per day are enough for regular play, and 5 will do if you are in a hurry.\r<br>\r<br>BattleMaster is also a game under active development. New features are being added and gameplay and balance are constantly tweaked to improve the game further. You can talk directly to the developers on the mailing list.\r<br>\r<br>Some key points that make BattleMaster different from most other games, both browser-based and not:\r<br>\r<br> * you are a member of a team from the start, and don&#39t have to start out on your own.\r<br> * interaction with other players is a core element of the game, not an add-on.\r<br> * playable on many levels, from order-following noble troop leader to the global politics playing king.\r<br> * we dislike cheaters and abusers, and players and GameMasters cooperate on removing them.\r<br> * no advertisement, and no game elements that serve no other purpose except forcing you to check back often.\r<br> * currently being redesigned with accessibility in mind (for our disabled players) and XHTML 1.0 transitional compliance.
Sunday League
Rubbish referees, lazy strikers, players booked for streaking - it\\'s all in a day\\'s play on SundayLeague. Join now - FREE - to manage a team against thousands of other players. Seasons last a month and there are great prizes. Play league, cup and head - to - head challenge matches with fully customisable teams. Select your best side then set tactics, formation and aggression levels from pansy to psycho. Check the opposition\\'s plans, and watch out for dodgy refs and variable weather - everything affects the game. Join in the lively forums, chat and instant messaging.\r<br>
The World of Secfenia
The lives of the mortals go through cycles. In their foolish quest to out do each other, they fail to learn from history and what they can do to themselves. This is what happened to Secfenia. It&#39s nations, it&#39s people&#39s, and it&#39s cultures fell apart. Once proud traditions and cities fell to the dark ages. Only now do they awaken to a renaissance of life. Governments awakening to find their people once again willing to emerge into the bliss of light. The question is... what path will they choose? Will they pick destruction or will they pick to unite? The old lands of Secfenia beg for the new generations to guide them to their future. How will they fulfill their destiny?
Mafia Begins
Mafia Begins is a massive multiplayer online mafia text based game! You are a mafia who starts with nothing your goal is to become a ruthless mafia. To achieve this you will have to complete difficult mafia operations as you go up!
High Descent
You are a 12th century nobleman, and you have control of a small army of mercenaries. There are other noblemen who would love to see you fall, thereby having your power and land distributed amongst them. Fight with courage and honor as you defend yourself and those who follow you.
Criminal Nations
Are you criminal minded? Are you tough enough to tackle a world of criminals and become Top Dawg? Come get caught up in Criminal Nations If you think you do!
Do you want to be a the Godfather of the most feared Crime family? You want to have Power and Respect and more money then you could ever imagine ?Mobstercrimes ofers a Progressive JackPot every round along with other prizes
Legendary Gangsters
Legendary Gangsters is one of the worlds finest online text based mafia games
Serious Wars
Serious Wars is a classic crime based text based RPG (role playing game). Granted not all the features are classic and typical if you play the game right you can be everywhere and do everything. This game provides benefits to all those who actively play. So as you level up you will behin to unlock a lot of features which are not available when you start. As a new player to the game you&#39ll start off weak and poor. Beware, the murky underworld of Serious Wars shows no mercy so be on guard from the off. Opportunists will not think twice to mug or hospitalize you for the few quid you may gain at the start. As an online strategy game as well as an online RPG game, the rules are very simple; Build a new life. Get to the top. Avoid being killed. Choose any route to get there.
The School Mafia
The school mafia is a text-based mafia game. We are almost never down and almoste every day we try to update more things...
gangster-style is a free online game lot&#39s of fun
Omerta - Gangster MMORPG
Omerta - biggest free mafia game on the web. 2 million registrations so far. Playable in 23 languages and 100% free to play. Huge IRC chat network and active game-admincrew. Recommended!
Utopia is one of the largest free interactive online games in the world, with tens of thousands of players - absolutely free to join! Play right through your web browser and discover a unique medieval world!
Live Mobster
Gaming has just evolved..LiveMobster..a game with constant jackpot.a chance to win cash!
Underground Resistance
Would you be able to survive in a harsh enviroment where its kill or be killed? Will you rise in power? or will you own the Merchant stalls? Will you do the tasks yourself or have others do it in your stead? Will you get respect or feared? Whichever you desire, you must first prove that you can survive the first day! Well?!? What are you waiting for? Sign up!\r<br>\r<br>-Planning on moving to a different hosting service and getting either a .co.uk or a .com domain.\r<br>\r<br>¬we will also offer prizes once we get everything sorted.
Reign Of Blood
\r<br>Welcome to Reign of Blood where the unsuspecting mortal becomes the most feared of Night&#39s children; a vampire.\r<br>Here you must keep your wits about you and train hard, for the Dead City is a deadly place, even for those Unliving.\r<br>Grow stronger, swifter, and tougher, or be swallowed by the legions of the mighty.\r<br>\r<br>The Great Covens have been fighting since before the count of time...\r<br>and here their battle continues to rage. Join them to become stronger, but chose with care,\r<br>for the memories of the Immortal are long, and betrayal not likely forgotten... or forgiven.\r<br>Explore an open setting and limitless options for development and advancement.\r<br>But, beware; Immortality does not come without its price.\r<br>
Velocity Islands
Very large community based game, made easier for everyones pleaseure, and the extras are to much to mention, not a game to be missed
War of the Realm
War of the Realm is a free, online strategy board game. Just like the tabletop games you play at home, except played right in your browser with no downloads. Compete with others from around the world using strategy, diplomacy and military might to conquer the Realm.
The Island of Baden
You can choose amazing creatures to make up your Army. \r<br>Your vast, bloodthirsty hordes, will tear across your enemies lands, at your order.\r<br>What will your skill, in this coming battle, bring for your people?\r<br>Glory and Richs or Pain and Death?\r<br>You will decide.
One of the more advanced MMORPG Mafia games on the internet. Come check us out... grab your guns, start a family... and do some killing!
Hustlin-Mobsters is a Massive Online Game. It is a newer game and still growing.\r<br>\r<br>We offer real cash prizes for each level of ranking.
Mobster 4 Life
50% Cash Jackpot, Great Credit And Reserve Prices, Mid Sized Game With Lots Of Room To Build Your New Union. Come Try It Out
Crellan - A world where war is art and expansion is key. Begin your quest for domination in a small town that you can turn into a huge empire through growth and conquest.
War 2072
WW3 has been over for nearly a decade now, \r<br>The aftermath is far more than anyone had expected. When the first nuke was launched the whole world seemed a whole lot more frightening, when it was followed by nuclear launches from more countries than were authorized to develop nuclear arms, it was clear… the world would never be the same again. It has been nearly 10 years since the war was declared, although peace talks never ensued the fighting between countries has died down greatly, now people mostly only fight for food, water, and silver pieces. The government still exists, or at least so they say, but the primary laws are now those made by the people with the most control over any given territory. The world is not what it was but there are still a lot of opportunities for someone willing to take advantage of the situation. Prepare to fight for every thing you need to survive… \r<br>
This is a free web based Massive Multiplayer Online Game, based on Real Mafia Life.\r<br>\r<br>You can be a real Mafia Don like Bugsy Seagal, John Gotti, and Al Capone and have all the women at your feet, control the Streets, and war rival mobs, if thats what you are looking for, then you are at the right place!\r<br>
Bloodletting Damnation
A political and strategic vampire, werewolf and slayer Role Play Game.\r<br>No-one is safe, a regular attack could result in the death of either person. Come try your luck, will you be the first to rise to the top?
Warhammer Uprising
War Uprising is a free developing and expanding multiplayer online game based on the world of Warhammer 40k, where you are placed in command of a mighty army fighting for supremacy over other commanders and dominance of Planetary systems over other clans. Fortify yourself and raise your army for the war is NOW!
Sinobi Battles
Naruto Texted Based RPG
Survive-Life \r<br>Meet New Friends, Battle, Rumage Search The Streets Of Survive-Life To Find Crystals, Money, And More Do You Have What It Takes To Become No.1.\r<br>100% Free To Play.
Forbidden Waters
Break away from the tides and sandy beaches where some lounge around. Grab some gear and a weapon, head to a port to find some mischief. Get some mates and make some foes. Start a crew and sail to the top with the strongest ship in the sea.
Interstellar War
2D space and war based game where players get to build and manage their own empire. Players can also join factions with other players and fight alongside their faction in wars.
A brand new experience has come; an experience we know you wont forget.\r<br>Take up the role of a thug and build your way to the top. Become one of the most feared Mafiosos in the corrupted streets of New York.\r<br>Rank your way up by stealing cars, robbing banks and liquor stores. The enhanced killing system lets you get rid of any annoying little guy that poses a threat to you.\r<br>So why not try NY Mafia and become the most feared gangster of all time.\r<br>All I can say now is good luck. ~ The NY Crew.
God Of Mafia II
God Of Mafia 2 is a massive multiplayer online mafia text based game! You are a mafia who starts with nothing your goal is to become a ruthless mafia. To achieve this you will have to complete difficult mafia operations as you go up!
Best free RPG Online! Enter a world where every day is a constant battle to become the best. Look over your shoulder for your foes, for if you don't you could be their next victim. This is your survival. Battle in the arena, become the best, or bleed like the rest. Wage town wars, pillage, plunder... Or die trying. Become a warrior. This is your destiny. Visit MarcoLand, and see if your Survival Meets Destiny.
Virtual Online Wrestling
Do you have what it takes to be the champion of VOW? Work your wrestler up through 3 leagues as you increase your experience. Win matches and tournaments to gain fame and increase your paycheck. Form stables with other wrestlers who share your values. VOW is a place for roleplayers and non-roleplayers alike, so join today if you enjoy good, clean, wrestling action!
World of War
World of War is an interactive strategy multiplayer game currently holding hundreds of players. The game is among the fastest games out there, you get out of protection after a little over one day, you get a new turns every 10th minute and a reset normally last for 30 days. There are several different strategies to play and several different ways to try to get to the top of the charts. To ever be able to compete you need to either create a nation or join an established nation, if you don?t have the support form a nation in form of tech and army you will be an easy prey for the predators out there. The game can be played through your web browser and requires no plug-ins. Welcome to a gaming world class experienced that today is enjoyed by many people. Welcome into the World of War community, remember thought ?Domination leads to WAR!?
Penguin RPG
PenguinRPG is a free, interactive online role playing game (RPG). Adopt a penguin, purchase weapons, battle a friend and enjoy the excitement of being a penguin!
Shards Of War II
Shards of War is a Browser Based Role Playing Game (RPG) set in a Massively Multiplayer World of its own! Develop your character and make new friends (as well as enemies) as you explore the World around you.
Age of Chaos
With 6 unique races, 48 army units, 21 spells, 80+ buildings Age of Chaos is an innovative and unique online strategy experience, boasting one of the most friendly and dedicated fanbases on the web. Sign up now, absolutely free!
Does the blood of hero's flow in your veins? Do you hear the call of adventure in your ears? Do you see yourself as a leader of a clan or a solo adventurer who explores the vast reaches of Deltoria? Is this your time? Is this your call to rise? If you feel that call, then enter and enjoy.
Legends is a mostly-text based MMORPG with turn based battles, and movable map; giving you a wealth of adventure to be had, islands to explore, and battles to win!
Call of the Warlords
This is an online graphical hybrid strategy roleplaying game set in the Empire of Khadoria, an ancient realm held together by the strong will and political cunning of its Emperor.
Welcome , 2009. Our Battle Has Started...Europe Vs Rest Of The World. The Worlds Gonna End. Pimps Gonna Die, Legend's Gonna Lie. The Worlds At War Here, What You Gonna Do, Whats Your Part In Saving All Our States To Become Safe And Legal Again. Most Of Our Support Has Gone. Its Up To You. Fight Or Die, What Will You Choose?\r<br>Train Daily, Dealing & Stealing , Beating & Meeting , Chat To All The World, Show 'Em Your Da Boy. Rocky Balboi / Al Capone / Hitler / Mohammed Ali / Don Mafia. Face 'Em All. Show That You Can Become The Pimp Of The World. The Worlds Champion. Show Your Unbeatable.
tactics arena
i strategy game for all people to enyjoy and i created it AND MY NAME IS CHRIS STEWART 4 SCENIC CRT FERNTREE GULLY IF U WANT FREE GOLD ACCOUNTS CALL ME ON 0397630728