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Attack other players for money, experience, and crystals. Walk through the streets gaining items, money, experience, and stats. Spend time in the Dig Dug Mine Shaft getting crystals and money. Join Gangs and war other Gangs. Attack Bots for money. Train and become the strongest player in the game. Become number one in the Hall of Fame, and more right here at Video Game RPG!!

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1 Walk My Plank! 2875 Play
2 The Porn Star Wars 2457 Play
3 Arcane Circle 882 Play
4 Rocking Rackets - Tennis 648 Play
5 Darkness Realm 508 Play
6 Tycoon Online 490 Play
7 Sunday League 369 Play
8 Mafia Begins 306 Play
9 The World of Secfenia 238 Play
10 LAGOON B 238 Play
11 Criminal Nations 121 Play
12 Forbidden Waters 81 Play
13 SoccerProject 40 Play
14 High Descent 31 Play
15 BattleMaster 18 Play