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The year is 166 of the new aeon. Historian elders claim the great epoch of civilization began with the falling of a single drop of rain and ended in a global climatic disaster. The great polar caps ceased to be and the seas began to merge, covering the earth. Others believe a divine promise was broken and the evils of mankind became worthy of a second great retribution. The Rainbow pact ceased to be and the keeper covered the earth in tears. Others just have nothing left to believe. When the end came those able, took to the seas. Great Navies of the world banded together in a feable attempt to preserve humanity, but when the deep swallowed the earth, hunger consumed sanity and the great fleets erupted in battle. The victors soon took to cannibalism and eventually in madness took their own lives. Survivors constructed floating communities for protection, the lucky founded mountain top ports as the waters subsided. Others took to piracy allying themselves to prey upon the weak. The world ceased and Aeon Sea was all that was left. Life is hell, hope a fleeting memory, water gold and death salvation.

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