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Dark-Future (DF) is an online text based game you can play all over the world. You start as a lowlife thug and work yourself up until you become a mafia boss. The ultimate goal is to gain control over a city and ultimately the entire DF world. In order to reach this goal you have a lot of options at your disposal. Play within the limits of the law, play outside the limits of the law - its your choice! You can sell and buy at the stock market, trade and transport goods between cities, you can gamble, and you can commit crimes, deal drugs. In the beginning you play as an individual. However, in order to become a powerful mafia boss you will have to cooperate with other players. To keep in touch with your fellow-players, you can send private messages or use one of the public forums available. Ample opportunity to hatch and discuss your vicious plans with your crewmembers. There is also an IRC server available where you can join freely and chat with each other. The current players praise DF. They are particularly pleased with the feeling of community they can build up with fellow-players, and they appreciate the joint activities in the game. DF exists for over 5 years and has gone through a lot of changes. What started as a joke in the year 2003 has grown to a worldwide renowned game. The vibrant community has brought it this far and will bring it even further. Do you want to know more, or join right away? Visit!

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