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Materia Magica is a free, feature-rich text-based multiplayer fantasy where action, adventure, and immersive role play occur in real time, twenty-four hours a day.\r<br>\r<br>Explore a vast, ever-expanding, persistent game universe - there are over eight million locations within the vast world of Alyria, select from a vast variety of fascinating weapons, armor, and artifacts, meet and interact with thousands of unique creatures, all while experiencing the adventure simultaneously with hundreds of other players!\r<br>\r<br>Materia Magica offers the best in multiplayer interactive fantasy - you are taking an active part in a living story. The choices you make can shape and mold the world around you. Since the game is text-based, you aren&#39t limited by someone else&#39s vision - your own imagination is all that is required to vividly illustrate the life and experiences of your character.\r<br>\r<br>Online for over twelve years, Materia Magica is one of the longest-running, constantly-developed games out there. And it&#39s free! No monthly dues, no hidden fees - this game is entirely supported by contributions from its players.\r<br>\r<br>Join us for a short while, or stay for years, it&#39s up to you. Our commitment is to provide an ever-expanding, persistent game universe, all you have to do is experience it! Join the adventure now.\r<br>\r<br>For more information, see Materia Magica&#39s extensive website at <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a> Or, play now with the Moongate Client, Materia Magica&#39s custom Java-based client at <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>

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