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Escape offers both a challenging environment for more experienced mudders as well as a constructive learning environment for newbies.\r<br> \r<br> The immortals work hard to be informative and helpful whenever possible without being overbearing or affecting game balance.\r<br> \r<br> We have taken basic Smaug coding and made heavy modifications to several different aspects of it. With a unique multi-class system as well as a broad array of race/class combinations combined with a group based combat/experience system, we have tried to promote all of what we feel are the best aspects of mudding in general.\r<br> \r<br> We do allow level restricted player killing, but a bounty system will allow players to take action against each other where the game will not allow them to.\r<br> \r<br> We welcome any comments which can be made via a note to immortal within the mud, or via email if that is easier.\r<br> \r<br> We hope you can enjoy playing in the world we are creating, \r<br> The Staff of Escape from Destiny

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