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About Biker Brawls is a web/text based massive multiplayer online game where you can do pretty much whatever your heart desires to become #1. You ever wanted to control what goes on in your neighborhood. Start a gang and take over a city. sell drugs, pimp hoes and kill people, it&#39s all part of the business. Have alliances with other gangs and become bigger and more feared. anything goes in BikerBrawls because Here, YOU OWN THESE STREETS! defend your hoes and your cash. do a drive by to warn that new asshole in town it&#39d be wise to leave. Here you call the shots. Make fast cash on the grids extorting businesses, but be fast because without gang support you just might find yourself fucked up and pennyless. Try to fill your trophy case and maybe win some cash. That could give ya that extra edge next round. Or just come to hangout and see who is killing who lately, and chat with your gang. Maybe you just went to war with a rival gang. You had better be ready, because you know that they will be.

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