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BattleMaster is a team-oriented browsergame merging strategy and roleplaying. It is set in a low-fantasy middle-ages world and players take the role of nobles and lords.\r<br>\r<br>BattleMaster is a light-weight game that can be played alongside your other activities. Although you can delve deeply into it and spend more time on it, about 15 minutes per day are enough for regular play, and 5 will do if you are in a hurry.\r<br>\r<br>BattleMaster is also a game under active development. New features are being added and gameplay and balance are constantly tweaked to improve the game further. You can talk directly to the developers on the mailing list.\r<br>\r<br>Some key points that make BattleMaster different from most other games, both browser-based and not:\r<br>\r<br> * you are a member of a team from the start, and don&#39t have to start out on your own.\r<br> * interaction with other players is a core element of the game, not an add-on.\r<br> * playable on many levels, from order-following noble troop leader to the global politics playing king.\r<br> * we dislike cheaters and abusers, and players and GameMasters cooperate on removing them.\r<br> * no advertisement, and no game elements that serve no other purpose except forcing you to check back often.\r<br> * currently being redesigned with accessibility in mind (for our disabled players) and XHTML 1.0 transitional compliance.

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