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\r<br>Welcome to Reign of Blood where the unsuspecting mortal becomes the most feared of Night&#39s children; a vampire.\r<br>Here you must keep your wits about you and train hard, for the Dead City is a deadly place, even for those Unliving.\r<br>Grow stronger, swifter, and tougher, or be swallowed by the legions of the mighty.\r<br>\r<br>The Great Covens have been fighting since before the count of time...\r<br>and here their battle continues to rage. Join them to become stronger, but chose with care,\r<br>for the memories of the Immortal are long, and betrayal not likely forgotten... or forgiven.\r<br>Explore an open setting and limitless options for development and advancement.\r<br>But, beware; Immortality does not come without its price.\r<br>

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