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This Is A Free Web Based Massive Multiplayer Online Game, Based On The Real Mob Life Called \"La Cosa Nostra\".\r<br>\r<br>You Want To Be A Real Mobster Godfather Like John Gotti , AlCapone And Have All The Little Mobsters At Your Feet? You Want To Have Fun? You Want To Make Money? Then You Are At The Right Place!\r<br>\r<br>Enter The Mob World And You Will Become The Boss Of A Crime Family. As A Mobster You Won&#39t Have Any Legal Restraints To Make Money. Indeed, Your Options Are Infinite.\r<br>\r<br>You Have The Choice To Collect Money From Your Casinos, Whorehouses, Loan Sharks And Gambling Dens.\r<br>\r<br>You Could Also Produce Drugs, Liquor And Counterfeit Money.\r<br>\r<br>Really, In The Mafia World, There Is Not Much You Can&#39t Do!\r<br>\r<br>Rounds Are 10 Days Long (Jackpot is in USD)\r<br>\r<br>Enjoy The Game!

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