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At Caribbean Corsairs ye gunna find treasures beyond ye wildest dreams, oceans so fierce that even th&#39 bravest scurvy pirate would be wary &#39o them, and adventures grander than any others told &#39bout in th&#39 history books.\r<br>\r<br>\r<br>Caribbean Corsairs be th&#39 Ultimate PBBG Experience. Not only gunna ye sword fight and thieve ye way to th&#39 top, ye gunna also help to build up th&#39 ports that ye gunna be operatin&#39 out &#39o. Unlike other games, Caribbean Corsairs be based upon a symbiotic relationship &#39o all th&#39 players. ye can choose from several different careers rangin&#39 from Shipwrights, to Merchants, to everyone&#39s favorite, a scurvy pirate! Each career contributes differently to th&#39 game, and th&#39 game needs people operatin&#39 in each career to survive. If thar be no Merchants, then thar won&#39t be any goods produced fer th&#39 Markets. If thar be no Blacksmiths, no weapons or armor gunna be available. This feature alone be what gunna make Caribbean Corsairs stand out from them \"Other\" games available.\r<br>\r<br>\r<br>Thar be 10 Ports in all fer ye to operate from. Whether ye choose to be a smugglin&#39, thievin&#39 scurvy pirate, or th&#39 long arm &#39o th&#39 law in th&#39 service &#39o th&#39 HMS Royal Navy, we promise ye&#39ll never be disappointed in what washes up in ye lap.

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