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Dungeons of Chaos is an online text-based MMORPG/PBBG of which you take on the role of a character. You must grow to survive, by training, battling NPCs and other players, as well as progressing your stats and equipment as you go. Join up today, it\\&#39s free!\r<br>\r<br>Dungeons of Chaos is an ever growing multiplayer game. New stuff is always added, sometimes weekly, someimes daily, or monthly. It is my personal promise that Dungeons of Choas will never run out of new things to do.\r<br>\r<br>So, grab your weapons and armor. Put on your meanest face, grit your teeth, and jump into the world of Dungeons of Choas. Take on our finest warriors, and prove to the relm that the Chaos is not in the Dungeon, but the Chaos is brought on by you.

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