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Stellar Crisis was the first, free, interacti \r<br> \r<br>40 21\r<br>40 25\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>TopCat\r<br> \r<br>50 35\r<br>50 50\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>Freakazoid\r<br> \r<br> \r<br> \r<br> \r<br>34 61\r<br>61 10\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>North Texas\r<br> \r<br>93 28\r<br>93 25\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>SpaceGhost\r<br> \r<br> \r<br> \r<br> \r<br>96 37\r<br>96 96\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>zJester\r<br> \r<br>99 5\r<br>99 5\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>West Texas\r<br> \r<br>28 28\r<br>28 15\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>Super Nexus\r<br> \r<br>68 59\r<br>68 20\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>Spongebob\r<br> \r<br> \r<br> \r<br> \r<br>97 28\r<br>97 97\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>George\r<br> \r<br>96 7\r<br>96 5\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>Nori\r<br> \r<br>54 38\r<br>54 54\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>Dori\r<br> \r<br>83 20\r<br>22 5\r<br>(0) (1)\r<br>System 83,100\r<br> \r<br> \r<br> \r<br> \r<br>83 13\r<br>83 83\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>Art Bell\r<br> \r<br>76 33\r<br>76 76\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>Coast to Coast AM\r<br> \r<br>66 25\r<br>66 66\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>X1\r<br> \r<br>50 35\r<br>50 50\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>Jester Moon\r<br> \r<br>32 46\r<br>8 3\r<br>(0) (1)\r<br>System 82,99\r<br> \r<br>165 19\r<br>2 5\r<br>(0) (1)\r<br>System 83,99\r<br> \r<br>30 24\r<br>4 5\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>System 84,99\r<br>\r<br> \r<br> \r<br> \r<br>100 70\r<br>100 100\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>Blitz Jester\r<br>(Blitz Jester HW)\r<br> \r<br>85 22\r<br>85 85\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>X2\r<br> \r<br>21 29\r<br>29 29\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>X3\r<br> \r<br>74 59\r<br>19 9\r<br>(0) (1)\r<br>System 83,98\r<br> \r<br>100 70\r<br>55 86\r<br>(0) (9)\r<br>O\r<br>(O HW)\r<br>\r<br> \r<br> \r<br> \r<br>73 54\r<br>73 73\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>T1\r<br> \r<br>6 4\r<br>8 6\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>System 78,97\r<br> \r<br>6 12\r<br>5 3\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>System 84,97\r<br>\r<br> \r<br> \r<br> \r<br>55 48\r<br>55 55\r<br>(0) (0)\r<br>System 78,96\r<br> \r<br> \r<br>\r<br>ve war game to hit the net. Players from all across the world compete to build empires, develop technologies, and fight pitched battles in far away solar systems.\r<br>To learn more about it, join the Stellar Crisis Club at: <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a> or just start playing at: <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>

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