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Imperium is a Fast-paced Strategy Web Game in a medieval setting. You will impersonate a Lord or a Lady and lead your Nation to glory and prosperity.\r<br>\r<br>BUILD YOUR COUNTY \r<br>Expand your territory by annexing new Acres to your County. Choose amongst 18 different constructions to build. Stimulate your Population Growth and collect more taxes.\r<br>\r<br>FROM MAGIC TO SCIENCE \r<br>Build Towers and Laboratories to gain Mana and Science Points. 30 different Spells to cast, including your Race&#39s power spell. 10 different Science fields to research, specialize or know it all.\r<br> \r<br>WARS AND ESPIONAGE \r<br>5 Military Units, strengths and weaknesses based on Race. 3 Military Steeds, increase your troops&#39 Speed and Strength. 12 Roguing operations, from scouting to arson and theft.\r<br>

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