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A free web-based MMORPG, that take place in Western Europe at the end of the Middle Ages. The player starts as a tramp that has to get rich, famous in his community, in order to take power and lead the destinies of thousands of players. But he can also prefer to become a monk and enters a cloister or a travel through the many cities of the Kingdoms to sell products on the markets, as a merchant.\r<br>\r<br>Role play is really important in Renaissance Kingdoms and the communauty is really warm.\r<br>\r<br>Renaissance Kingdoms is a true multiplayer game as it is based on well-balanced models in which only players take part (no bots): a complete economic model (ask/bid market, production/transformation/cons<wbr>umption cycle, work and capital), a political model (election, revolt) and governments model (city mayor, county council, church hierarchy).

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