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The ice caps have melted and the world is now covered in water. The only way to rule to world is to dominate the ocean. Build up your fleet and attack the world with other players in your team. Use strategy to try to conquer this tick-based online strategy game!\r<br>Naval Domination has two versions, our Classic text based version, where you can attack other captains for land and sea, built economy, units and special operations. Become a president of your country and manage country relations, vice presidents and your countries own private forum! There is also a new version that?s in heavy development, that already has a new 2 dimensional Map with research, water mines and many other features. Join now and participate in the development of the exciting game of strategy and naval domination!\r<br>Classic Naval Domination starts a new round at the beginning of every month, but you can join at any time. Because the map is in such heavy development, it does not have any proper rounds set up yet.

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