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In every persons life there is a moment.\r<br>A moment where they must decide.\r<br>Is today the day where I begin my journey?\r<br>Or do I let another day pass me by?\r<br>\r<br>The former seize their day and never look back.\r<br>The latter... sleep eternally never to stand strong.\r<br>Today you are given a choice to change your fate.\r<br>To let the bards sing your song.\r<br>\r<br>Will you rise above your opponents, or be left behind?\r<br>Another fallen victim of the Master of Medieval Times...\r<br>\r<br>Quotes from our Players:\r<br>\"Form Alliances, break truces, and smash the little ones is what MOMT is all about, baby.\"\r<br>by AxeSeverous\r<br>\r<br>\"I have been playing this game for over a year now and its just as much fun as it was when I started.\"\r<br>by inde\r<br>\r<br>\"What really makes MoMT so great is the people and the environment. I dont just play the game I make friends... and enemies! I have actually become pretty good friends with several people because of MoMT. The game is addictive as well as the atmosphere!\"\r<br>by Riddick

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